Eating Marijuana As Cookies

Making cannabis cookies is one of our favourite pastimes. Although we also enjoy smoking weed we simply can’t get enough of this wonderful drug so when we feel like it we file the oven, then some cookie mix and lastly throw in some of our weed.

Since cannabis does not lend so well with water we firstly take a spoon with a little butter on it, and place some cannabis on it. When you heat the spoon with the butter and cannabis with a naked flame, that to begin to infuse into each other creating the perfect cannabis mixture which we then place into the cookie mix.

Some people simply think that using marijuana seeds for this step will suffice, but there is no THC in cannabis seeds as they are. You need to firstly either grow your own plant or order some marijuana seeds from marijuanaseedsavings.com. Of course if you don’t want to order from seeds you can always call your local weed dealer and see if he will hook you up with some pot. The danger of this is that you don’t know exactly a grain of marijuana that you are buying when compared to growing your own.

Anyway, getting back to our cooking – before you are using cannabis resin we just burn our block of cannabis in order to trim it down to the correct size to fit the spoon. Otherwise, if we are using herbal marijuana then we will need to use our cannabis grinder which will chop it up into many little pieces. This also releases the THC goodness that we will need in order to get us “high”.

After adding the mix and cooking our pot cookies for half an hour in the oven at 220°C we let them cool before taking them and a bag of pre-rolled cannabis joints on a walk through our local forest. We do this regularly since we like to escape to the great outdoors and enjoy the feeling of being at one with the Earth. After all we are smoking, and in this case in jesting one of God’s greatest creations – the cannabis plant.

What we only learned recently though is exactly how marijuana works when ingested like this. Firstly you need to remember that when you ingest cannabis like this is actually takes longer for to affect you since the THC is not immediately entering the bloodstream as it words had you smoked it. This can actually make it more of a risk since you can take way too much if you think that your first last of cookies and having the desired effect. In fact eating marijuana in this way can actually take up to 2 hours to begin taking affect and up to 6 hours for the feeling to pass.

The THC begins to slip through the walls of your stomach before travelling through the bloodstream and up to a part of your brain known as the Hypothalamus. The Hypothalamus is the brain’s control centre for hunger. Whether you are hungry or not, the THC which will bind to your Hypothalamus’ receptors will begin to tell you that you are hungry, and this is where the common feeling of “getting the munchies” comes from.

We love this feeling and luckily we don’t put on much weight! Also and thankfully we more often than not choose to smoke marijuana through a joint rather than eat it in this way, but every now and again we do enjoy a stroll through the forest while high on our own supply. And especially now that we have our own outdoor marijuana seeds growing in this years guerilla grow. Purple power marijuana seeds from marijuanaseedsavings.com – What better summer could we ask for!

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