How Effective Are Amber Teething Necklaces

After reading about amber teething necklaces and hearing how effective they are for helping children who are going through the teething process I said what the hell and decided to buy one myself.

For people who haven’t already heard of this natural pain relief, and amber teething necklace is something that can be given to a child to relieve the pain that they are suffering from.

Our little girl is just 12 weeks old now but she has been using the amber teething necklace for the last six weeks and to say that it is effective would be an understatement. The difference in her behaviour is one of the most remarkable turnaround I have ever seen in my life. Before we bought the amber teething necklace she was in obvious visible pain. Her mouth was swollen, her cheeks were bright red, and the constant drool of spit ran from her little mouth. And that’s not to mention the constant crying and screaming that would go along with it.

Of course none of this was her fault, I could only imagine the pain that she was going through, and if often came to mind that this was also something that I have to go through when I was her age as well. Back then the didn’t have an amber teething necklace, but my mother used to give me something hard to chew on and she told me in later years. But we tried that and where not seeing any positive results with our little one.

So having made our minds up to order an amber teething necklace, it eventually came in the post a few days later. We were a little anxious about using it, especially considering the safety precautions that must be taken but at this stage even we were getting on restful with being up all night from our little one’s crying. Please don’t think that we are feeling sorry for ourselves are that we are hating on our poor little child, but it genuinely was a hard few weeks and was something that we had neglected to think about when we were considering having a new baby.

The first day that we put the Amber teething necklace on our baby she seems to not like the feeling of something being around her neck. She would try to claw at it and rip it off but we try to distract in every way and a few hours later she seems to have forgotten that it was even there. Having read the advice of many reviews online we knew that we could not allow her to wear the amber teething necklace unless we were able to keep a close eye on her. So the only time that she got to wear it was when one or both of us were free and we both made absolutely sure that we never took her eyes off her.

This is because there is a huge danger that she could have strangled herself or even choked on one of the pieces of amber. The people who make them have made some precautionary steps by including a quick release safety clasp and tying the pieces of amber to the thread so if anything were to happen like the thread breaking, then the only piece that will fall off is the bit that was attached to the closest knot. But what would be the point in taking a chance and relying upon something that’s not 100% safe?

Even after just a few hours we could see a huge improvement in her behaviour. Our little girl no longer seemed to be sore or in any pain. Eventually we had to take up the amber teething necklace since we had things to do and couldn’t sit there watching were all day long, but even with the necklace now removed she was still in good condition for the next hour or two. It was only after this that she began to show signs of pain again and this is when we reattached the necklace once more. Now we only leave it on for half an hour at a time and she doesn’t even know that it’s there. On top of that it has been working wonders and we couldn’t be happier.

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