Mackeeper Duplicates Finder

The duplicates Finder option in Mackeeper is perhaps one of the greatest add-ons of all the 16 mini tools which come complete when you buy a yearly plan. With that being said, if you haven’t got the money to avail of the amazing suite of mini tools, then if you do a search for “Dupeguru” you will find an almost identical piece of software that is free to use. If you like you can even make a donation to Dupeguru via PayPal donation button on their website. You should take note however that this is not the all in one solution for your Mac that Mackeeper provides.

I suppose if you looked hard enough online, you could probably find a free version of just about every mini tools that Mackeeper provides, but it would be a pain to constantly have to search through your Mac to find and update when needed each tool every time you wanted to clean up your Mac.

In the past we have tried this option, but it always ended up getting messy. And for what? To save us approximately $70 or so a year? So when we purchased Mackeeper via the help of a promo code that we discovered online (saving us 20%), we never looked back.

In our opinion Mackeeper is the number one software that absolutely needs to be installed on your Mac. Without it, you are putting your computer at threat of online attacks, and lacking the ability to properly clean up and save space whenever you require.

Cleaning disk space that only generates more space for your files and folders, but also help speed up the daily tasks that you perform on your computer. Have you ever accidentally deleted any of these precious files and folders? We certainly have! With the data recovery option included with Mackeeper, it has never been easier to recover from these once costly mistakes.

If the disk cleanup and data recovery tools and enough to encourage you to purchase this combination of multipurpose anti-virus software, then perhaps explaining the smart UnInstaller option will be enough to push you over the edge. The smart UnInstaller works by completely removing any trace of unwanted software that you wish to remove from your Mac. Even if you don’t want to completely remove a particular piece of software, it can eliminate junk files such as one used language files while compressing others that are required.

You may have noticed as time has passed that your Mac has begun to significantly slow down. This could be for one reason or another, yet we can almost guarantee that it is as a result of a build up of unwanted junk files. With just a couple of clicks of your mouse, these junk files can soon be a thing of the past with the help of Mackeeper.

If you believe that your Mac is immune to attacks from cyber criminals, then unfortunately you have been misguided. The threat of attacks to your online privacy is a real a definite thing that cannot be ignored. Many such cases have been recorded in some of the largest Mac forums online, and in our opinion Mackeeper is the best option for not only dealing with these threats but preventing them in the first place also.

Should any of these online threats actually occur, even through the firewall shield that this antivirus software provides, you can always use “geek on demand” as a direct line to Kromtech in an attempt to rectify the situation. Geek on demand is best described as being one-on-one with the developers of Mackeeper themselves, allowing you direct contact in the event that you have any problems that are Mac related and need solving. If you need to use this option then you can expect a reply within 48 hours or less.

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