Knowing How To Put On A Drysuit In The Correct Way

If you have used wetsuits in the past then you might expect that putting on a dry suit will be just as easy. However you would be wrong with this assumption since knowing how to put on a dry suit in the correct way can be quite difficult for beginners.

Most dry suits zip up diagonally from the hip area so the best thing to do is to firstly place your legs into the suit and then pulled the suit up over your shoulders. Place your left arm into the suit and let it run all the way down the inside seam until your hand comes out the end. Always keep pulling the suit upwards as you are putting it on to create a space that you will need to zip the drysuit up.

On many dry suits you will find that there are latex seals on the wrist and ankle cuff areas and you should be careful that you don’t just simply punch your hands and feet through here in case you break or care any part of the outfit.

Instead you should carefully manoeuvre your hands and feet through the open holes by using a free hand to gradually open these entries, helping to expand the space where your hands and feet will protrude through the drysuit.

Some new drysuits may be tight when you first try them on, especially around the wrist areas so you may need to adjust the wrist section so that your hand will fit comfortably through the gap. You should not leave any room for water to get him however since the whole point of a dry suit is to keep you dry and the water out.

Once you have your two feet and your left arm through, and the rest of the dry suit is up around your shoulders the last thing to do is to get your right arm through the sleeve and out the wrist area. Again, you will have a free hand to help you do this without ripping your expensive outfit, so make sure that you make use of it rather than ripping and destroying the dry suit.

The drysuit comes with a neck seal, and when you have all your arms and legs correctly positioned you should reach around the back of your head and pull your head through this neck seal so that once again no water can ingress through the neck area.

The neck seal is made up of rings and if you feel like it is choking you when you first try your new drysuit on you can remove some of these rings to allow you to breathe more freely. You should not remove any more rings than is needed however since by doing so you will create a gap where water can get in, thus destroying the objective of what a dry suit is intended for; ie. keeping the water out.

The ideal feeling around your neck should be one of a very light pressure rather than the feeling of being choked. You will soon figure out what is the optimum pressure, and it’s for this reason that knowing how to put on a drysuit in the correct way is important to learn before actually heading out surfing or for a dive.

When drysuits were first invented the zipper was often found on the user’s back meaning that they would have to get somebody else to zip them up and unzip them, but nowadays the zipper can be found running diagonally across the user’s front, allowing them full control of when they want to get in and out of their suit.

Although the zip is designed at an angle you should always follow the direction of the zip and not pull it as a separate angle. You don’t want to destroy the zipper as they cost a lot of money and are incredibly hard to find online if you do manage to destroy it through wear and tear.

When you do have to use the drysuits’ zipper, just pull it until it is all the way down and reaches the zipper’s end piece. Now your suit is completely secure from any water that might get into it.

You should ideally choose a drysuit which comes with a flap that covers the zip since the zips can be slightly abrasive and potentially break when you are entering and leaving the likes of the side of boat.

To remove all the earth from the inside of the dry suit and create a mini vacuum inside, bend over while you are holding the neck piece away from your neck and stooped down. This will push all of the air that is inside the suit away from you, and when you left the neck piece rest back against your neck the vacuum will be in place and you will be completely air free.

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